Sulfur: The Effective Natural Treatment for Acne, Eczema

By Jasmina Halimic on November 1, 2021

As a child I remember my mother feeling very insecure and self-conscious from having the fungal skin condition called pityriasis versicolor which looked like small cluster lesions all over her body. 

My grandmother made a special ointment using sulfur and lard to help my mother reduce the unsightly appearance of the lesions and discolorations. Witnessing my mother regain her confidence after the treatment was a memorable and priceless experience. 

Sulfur is a natural mineral found in hot springs, clay, volcanic ash and in the human body. It has been used for centuries as a treatment for many skin conditions, such as fungal infections, acne, psoriasis and eczema. Many natural therapeutic spas with high levels of sulfur have been advocated by medical and cosmetic dermatologists as an effective treatment for cutaneous disorders for more than 500 years. 

Sulfur is keratolytic, which means it causes mild shedding of the top layers of the skin and stimulates exfoliation. It controls the oil production in the skin, softens the epidermis, helps remove the dead skin cells and prevents pore clogging. Sulfur possesses medicinal and therapeutic properties that can help alleviate symptoms like inflammation and dryness. If you’re struggling with acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and pityriasis versicolor then sulfur might prove to be a worthwhile and effective treatment.

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