Fall Skincare Tips

Fall Skincare Tips

By Jasmina Halimic on October 1, 2022

With autumn in full swing it’s time to talk about skin. Autumn brings cooler sweater weather and a drop in humidity which makes for dry air and even drier skin. Mix this with dry heat from the indoor heating, and it’s a setup for skin disasters like dry, itchy skin and eczema flareups.
In general, it’s always good to approach skin care seasonally, just like you do your wardrobe. As low humidity levels start to degrade the skin’s natural moisture barrier, with these minor tweaks and focus on the cold-weather super-actives, your routine will surely thwart autumnal skin-related freak-outs.

Step #1:  Go for a thicker moisturizer
Say goodbye to your  lightweight, oil-free summer moisturizers.  It’s time to bulk up with a thicker skin “sweater”. Go for a heavier cream made with natural healthy fatty acids, vitamins and beeswax.
Here are a few of many reasons why beeswax is a skin superstar ingredient:
Beeswax is a great emollient for dry skin. Emollients hydrate and soothe our skin and reduce discomfort it may be experiencing. The specific molecular composition of beeswax allows it to form a protective barrier over the skin. This protective barrier also locks in all of the moisture in place. Being an excellent source of Vitamin A, beeswax attracts water molecules, helping your skin get that extra essential moisture it needs.

Beeswax protects your skin from environmental damage. It won’t clog your pores and will let your skin breathe freely. It possesses anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties too! Applying a moisture barrier that contains a good amount of raw beeswax is a sure way to preventing the formation of acne and it provides a smooth primer for velvety texture and glow under your makeup.

Step # 2: Invest in a humidifier

Using a humidifier hydrates the skin, improves the skin barrier function and  reduces transepidermal water loss. I personally prefer the warm moisture humidifiers in colder months. 


A lot of healthfood specialty shops sell beeswax-based budget-friendly salves and balms you can use for additional skin protection. Be sure to look at the ingredient list and ensure that they do not contain irritating ingredients, especially EOs like cinnamon, peppermint, clove and other essential which can wreak havoc on sensitive skin. Go for simple formulations. Less is more.
Before you slather it on, use a good water mist to lock in the moisture. Slathering an oil based balm on dry skin without water is not going to be effective as a combination of water & oil hydrators.

All of our creams contain tri-phase technology of water-in-oil emulsion, the dispersed phase,  which then gets mixed into the third, the continuous phase, that contains superstar butters and raw beeswax for extra protection and functionality.

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