The inspiration for Jasmina Beauty came from childhood memories of Jasmina gardening alongside her grandmother, who had a mystical, practical way of turning organic plants into healing elixirs in their Eastern European village. “Never in a million years did I think I would follow in her footsteps,” Jasmina says. “But in my darkest hours she came back to me. These memories inspired me, spurring me to this little business helping others with their beauty and skincare needs.”

Tapping into the infinite wisdom of her grandmother, combined with knowledge of medicinal plants and modern combinations that promote health and vitality, Jasmina handcrafted her product line. Jasmina Beauty is a 100% cruelty-free, green company. We do not use parabens, palm oil, petroleum-derived material or other artificial synthetic ingredients. We use certified fair-trade, organic and locally harvested plants, oils and butters, a living legacy to Jasmina’s grandmother that lives on in every product.

"I remember looking up to her in awe of her infinite wisdom. Every seed she planted blossomed into the most beautiful and luscious plants I’d have ever seen. Her energy was inexhaustible, her humility inspiring." ~ Jasmina, Founder of Jasmina Beauty


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