Jasmina’s Unconventional Tips on Suncare

Jasmina’s Unconventional Tips on Suncare

By Jasmina Halimic 

The sun is the source of life and health. The sun is necessary to synthesize Vitamin D essential for a hormone function which directs calcium to form our bones and teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, not all UVs are harmful. Sun rays improve our mood and get us ready for the winter. 

Here are some of my tips on how to enjoy and allow the sun to heal us in a safe and healthy way.  

UV radiation, in healthy dosages, it’s very necessary for the production of Vitamin D. 

SPF over 20 is an overkill as you are blocking precious and necessary sun radiation. 

Best natural mineral sunscreen is NON NANO Zinc Oxide.

Zinc Oxide provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. It is gentle enough for everyday use, especially for individuals with sensitive skin and for children, because they rarely cause skin irritation. 

Common ingredients found in commercial sunscreen like oxybenzone and octinoxate can harm us, coral reefs and sea creatures. 

Metals and chemicals (parabens and phthalates in fragrance) found in commercial sunscreen surely aren’t friends of our organism.

Grandma always told me to ditch my scented synthetic lotions too and to sun bathe only in the morning and late afternoon to prevent sunburns. 

For prolonged sun exposure, it is best to wear sun protective clothing especially for children and babies.

Fun suncare tip from Grandma: (this one is a bit controversial so take it with a grain of salt)
“Take off your sunglasses.”, my grandmother always advised her friends on the beach. She found them to be harmful. She said that the sunglasses prevent signals to our body to secrete melanocytes which she called “sun immunity” responsible for absorption of UV rays and prevention of DNA damage. 


  • 8 oz of Almond Oil (light and not too greasy) OR Sesame Oil (for a natural SPF boost) 
  • 1.6 oz (20%) of NON NANO zinc oxide you can order here -> https://www.amazon.com/Zinc-Oxide-Powder-Pharmaceutical-protection/dp/B00DZ3YTG
  • Optional (Chamomile Essential Oil) 5,6 drops
  • Optional but recommended : a dropper full of Vitamin E oil or tocopherol to prevent oil going rancid and prolonging the shelf life of the product 

Shake well. 

Apply liberally.

Enjoy the fun in the sun.

Here’s a picture of a sunblock I whipped up before heading outdoors with my three year old.
In this recipe, I have made a whipped butter using almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax (for cream texture and stability)
and Non Nano Zinc Oxide.

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