Terms and Conditions

Jasmina Beauty is a 100% cruelty-free, green company. We do not use parabens, palm oil, petrolatum-derived materials, or potentially carcinogenic synthetic ingredients in our products. Jasmina Beauty uses certified organic and sustainably sourced ingredients of the highest quality in our skincare products. We do not recommend our products for clients with ultra-sensitive skin. We use plant butters, sulfur, and essential oils that may cause skin irritations and allergic reactions. Please be aware of this fact when placing your order. We can not be responsible for allergies or reactions. We recommend that you always do a small patch skin test before using any of our products. Please stop using our product if redness or irritation occurs. Always consult with your doctor prior to using our products if you are pregnant or nursing. Jasmina beauty IS NOT SUITABLE FOR PEOPLE WITH NUT ALLERGIES.